Presence Detector CyGUARD 2


Crossing, intersections, ends of long passages, blind spots always represent a risk in workplaces, aprticularly in hazardous areas; in any industrial environment where vehicles and pedestrians simultaneously operate, accidents and injuries are likely to happen. Cy.Guard is designed to significantly reduce risks due to collisions. Whenever a vehicle is approaching a designated area, the system automatically alerts pedestrians as well as other forklifts operators by emitting acoustic warning and flashing light signals positioned on site. Emplotees and visitors alike can find themselves in hazardous areas for reasons that go beyond their will, particularly unawareness of silent vehicles put pedestrians in dangerous situation. Cy.Guard detects the movement of forklifts approaching the designated area and effectively alerts pedestrians and other forklift operators when they are in dangerous proximity of one another via warning alarms or flashing lights.


Cy.Guard consists of: a sensor, a visual and sound alarm, a central unit to be placed on site. There is no need for the vehicle to be equipped with any special device; pedestrians, either employees ar accidental visitors, are not required to wear a tag. Cy.Guard is as simple as it is effective. Whenever the vehicle is approaching the designated area, a microwave sensor detects its movement so that acoustic and visual signals are automatically activated. The central unit, depending on the status of the sensors, automatically activates alarms and services. Cy.Guard can be customized to meet user’s needs: flashing light may be activated at junctions or doors may be considered when designating the hazardous area. Should the layout require a broader designated area, up to four sensors can be integrated within the central unit.


Sensor is based on microwave technology, it detects the moving vehicle within the detection area. Function may be adjusted according to response time; detection can operate both ways, vehicle/pedestrians approaching sensor as well as vehicle/pedestrians moving away from sensor.


Control unit is the core of the system, it manages signalling logics related to sensors status. It allows multiple applications being in a position to manage up to 4 sensors nd 4 signal systems simultaneously. Configuration does not require external software, it allows functional parameters adjustment such as alarm timing and inputs/outputs matching.


Signal system offers different operating modes both for light and sound. You may select one of the 64 tones matching with a continuous or lighting signal. Variable volume level allows precise volume adjustment (105sB max) to optimize sound.


Multiple input and output channels allow to adjust CyGuard system to various applications and working place layout. In figure is shown complete configuration (1 control unit, 4 sensors, 4 signaling devices). Vehicles moving in the central aisle are alerted of the presence of vehicles moving in warehouse aisles. Detection and warning for each single aisle.


The presence of a forklift truck moving through the central unit activates acoustic/light signal with the aim of warning approaching forklifts operators coming from side aisle or door. Picture shows minimum configuration (1 control unit, 1 sensor, 1 signaling device).


The operator driving the vehicle through the main aisle is alerted of the presence of pedestrian showing up from a lateral entrance. Pedestrian walkway decomes safer. Figure shows minimum configuration (1 control unit, 1 sensor, 1 signaling device).