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You feel that something is still missing from your business, the key part missing from your system is us, ForkliftSafety systems, Our products integrate perfect with your existing day to day operation combining and giving you a safer and more efficient workplace.

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What are your safety challenges? Do you think that you can’t improve more on safety and efficiency?
We know what you are facing and this is why we prepared solutions. Saving solutions for your business.

Fleet Management

Manage your forklift fleet efficiently with an inteligent system that uses both hardware and software to give‎ you control on your company costs and safety.


Active Anticollision System

Our company helps in giving you the right safety tools for pedestrian and obstacle avoidance thus reducing the accident rate and live warning in case of a collision.


Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouse, big or small, forget about the situation where: is like trying to find ``the needle in the hay stack``. With WMS everything will be easy to control, and efficient in finding the fastest rute, in or out of your warehouse.



Reducerea costurilor

By reducing damages on the vehicle and by improving driver behavior.

Rapoarte si statistici

You have access in any moment to exact and specific information regarding users, activity and so on.

Optimizarea timpilor

With the smart option, any modifications can be made in real time.

Siguranta in plus

Integrating the monitoring system, acces and unauthorized use will be prevented.

Automatizarea proceselor

From now on, monitoring will happen seemingly without even knowing. Nothing will be out of control.

Partener de incredere

Using our systems, your customers will value the fact that your company is keen on efficiency and workers safety.

Our value lies not only in numbers. But we have!

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