Active Anticollision System SIS1.0 – Mini&Syncro


SIS1.0 is a collision avoidance system for forklifts trucks which detects potential obstacles in the operation range of the vehicle. The active maneuvering system dramaSIS1.0tically reduces the risk of collision during maneuvers by offering the possibility to slow down and prevent the movement of the vehicle in two critical situations: reverse maneuvering, load lifting.

How Does It Work

Whenever an imminent collision risk is spotted, visual and acoustic signals warn the operator, the vehicle automatically slows down and blocks.

The system consists of patented CySens ultrasonic sensor, capable of consistently and reliably detecting any object up to 4 meters and MiniMind advanced display which, easily installed in the cab, works as a central unit processing incoming signals.

Main features

Active maneuvering system

Both SIS Mini and SIS Synco the possibility to automatically slow down and prevent the movement of the vehicle, a considerable and safety improvement compared to ordinary warning systems.


Sturdy design, top notch materials and high grade electronics made SIS a reliable professional equipment.


Parameters can be adjust according to customer's requirements through our software with the aim of having the system operating in any working place.

Quality/price ratio

Best performance at the lowest price.

Zona de detectare: SIS1.0 Mini


Zona de detectare: SIS1.0 Syncro


Detection area as shown above represents maximum coverage. The intervention distance-range of the system can be determined within the coverage area by setting parameters. Side sections may be activated/deactivated.

System State: SIS1.0 Mini and SIS1.0 Syncro


State – No obstacle
Display – Green
Acoustic signal – No
Slow down – No
Blocking – No


State – Obstacle (1 step)
Display – Yellow
Acoustic signal – No
Slow down – Yes
Blocking – No


State – Obstacle (2 step)
Display – Red
Acoustic signal – Yes
Slow down – Yes
Blocking – Yes


State – Forks lifting
Display – Blue
Acoustic signal – No
Slow down (both directions) – Yes
Blocking – No